About us

About us

QA Vietnam is proud of being a prestige trade mark in the fields of design, printing and media.

Since our establishment in 2007 up to now, QA Vietnam has been closely co-operating with a great number of big organisations, companies, trade marks from both inland and overseas.

When coming to us, customers are always satisfied with our service quality and devotion.

All products and services from QA Vietnam always closely follow the norm Particular design for professional product.

List of provided services:

- Printing design: Designing, building style of magazine, brochure, catalogue, internal newsletter, annual report, leaflet, flyer, brand name identity kit…

- Media: Advertisement booking in the press, on television; event organizing; trade mark build-up consultant; advertising film producer…

- Advertising agent for 3 big magazines: Digital Power (Sức Mạnh Số), Information Society (Xã hội thông tin), Telecom & IT.


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