Exclusive calendar

Exclusive calendars represent the rank of a company in the market, and have been regarded as gifts to give away with reasonable cost but high effect in advertising products to customers.
To customers of your company, their faith in your company is more consolidated on receipt of exclusive calendars given by you.
Understanding the nature, requirement, and the importance of exclusive calendars, QA Vietnam has incessantly been innovating working, thinking style in creative ways to bring unique design ideas to our customers.
With our professional staff, who’s technically experienced, working with high spirit of responsibility, listening to opinions from customers, QA Vietnam always brings satisfaction and trust to customers, including the most fastidious ones.

Khách hàng của chúng tôi: Samsung, ABB, ABS, Van Phu, MK, Owen, Winny, Halida, Viet Ha Beer, IMC...

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